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Aussie's Leading Mattress Manufacturer

We have been the technology partner for Dusk&Dawn who wanted to launch their new brand with a new line of mattresses, pillows, quilts and bed bases in Australia.

Technology Stack

  • Shopify

  • Vue

  • Liquid

  • Sass

  • Webpack

  • Selenium

  • Node-js

  • Firebase

Dusk&Dawn Banner
Dusk&Dawn Banner

About project

Dusk&Dawn is an Ecommerce store operating in the Australian region. They launched themselves onto the scene with a line of mattresses which has now expanded to bed bases, pillows and pillow cases. The product has won awards and accolades and the business is doing well with thousands of mattresses being sold in the one year it has been in the market.

What we Built

Initially, the site was built using BigCommerce, but rapid changes in the business needs and growth required migrating away from the platform. After evaluating various parameters, Shopify was decided as the new platform to build the site on. The current site is built using a mix of React, Liquid and Vue.js components.

Dusk&Dawn VideoImage
Dusk&Dawn VideoImage


Building the site on Shopify meant learning how the platform works and how to work with Liquid templates. Due to how logistics for a certain region were handled, we had to build a custom Shopify shipping app. The shipping app had to be later expanded in scope to serve a larger operational region. We also had to build a page from scratch to bundle various products and offer promotions which required understanding how Shopify worked behind the scenes.

Dusk&Dawn VideoImage
Dusk&Dawn VideoImage
Dusk&Dawn VideoImage


A challenging experience of building a platform using Shopify with a suite of new features and enhancements to help the Dusk and Dawn brand have a wider reach and grow their sales.


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