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Sacred Heart

We proudly built a new website for Sacred Heart Parish in Kew, a historic 133-year-old religious community, showcasing our commitment to community causes. This pro bono project, using Gatsby and Strapi, features customisable forms, mass timings, and video integration. The result? Over 200% increase in site traffic and a vibrant online community. At OzziTech, we leverage technology to make a positive impact.

Technology Stack

  • React JS

  • Redux

  • Typescript

  • Gatsby

  • Strapi

  • Node-js

  • JavaScript

  • HTML5

  • Selenium

  • Firebase

  • Azure-devops

  • Figma

Sacred Heart Church Banner
Sacred Heart Church Banner

The Challenge

Creating a website for such a historic and active community required careful consideration of both functionality and user experience. We needed to ensure that the website was:

  • Easy to navigate for all age groups
  • Capable of handling document requests efficiently
  • Visually appealing and reflective of the parish's rich history
  • Optimized for performance without compromising on quality

Technology Stack

To meet these requirements, we chose a modern and robust tech stack:

  • Frontend: Gatsby (headless architecture)
  • Backend: Strapi
  • Hosting and Backend: Firebase
  • Languages & Frameworks: React JS, Redux, Typescript, Node-js, SASS
Sacred Heart Church mobile preview
Sacred Heart Church VideoImage

The Outcome

The new Sacred Heart Parish website has been well-received by the community. Key achievements include:

  • Increased Traffic: The new website has seen a traffic increase of over 200%.
  • Community Engagement: With the addition of social media accounts and regular posts, the parish has cultivated an active and growing online community.
  • Positive Feedback: Many users have appreciated the new look and functionality of the website.
Sacred Heart Church VideoImage
Sacred Heart Church VideoImage
Sacred Heart Church VideoImage


This project for Sacred Heart Parish showcases our ability to handle complex requirements and deliver high-performance, user-friendly solutions. At OzziTech, we are committed to helping organisations like Sacred Heart Parish leverage technology to achieve their goals and enhance their community engagement.


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