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We helped build this site for Lovemark branding agency to showcase the projects they have worked on.

Branding and advertising with a personal touch

Technology Stack

  • Silverstripe

  • Vue

  • Linode

  • Sass

  • Linux

  • Azure-devops

  • PHP

  • Webpack

  • Cleantalk

Lovemark Banner
Lovemark Banner

About project

Lovemark is a branding agency in Melbourne that crafts engaging brand experiences from the heart. They have experience working with major brands across Australia by immersing themselves in the business and creating a synergy to help build a unique identity for everyone they have collaborated with.

What we Built

This was the first website we built using Silverstripe CMS. It provides an out-of-the-box web-based administration panel that comes with a WYSIWYG website editor. We decided to use the Vue.js framework for building a reactive web user interface on Silverstripe’s default Frontend and the AOS scroll Library for scroll-based animation. The editor paired with the default Frontend enables swift content changes to the site.

Lovemark VideoImage
Lovemark VideoImage


As a branding agency, they wanted to showcase their work portfolios in a fully customizable layout. We built the dynamic layout with a drag-and-drop feature to make it easier for the client to add and remove content. We also built Custom sliders(Work) using Vue which have relationships with different services. Finally, we added some fancy bells and whistles to the site using smooth-scrolling animation from the AOS Library.

Lovemark VideoImage
Lovemark VideoImage


We have built a highly customizable website that is both fast and user-friendly. Custom components were built from the ground up for various parts of the website to achieve a stylish presentation while also being functional. Lovemark remains a crowning achievement in our company’s portfolio as a result.


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